Leveraging ten renowned local and regional brands provides us with a unique go-to market strategy. All of our brands are the best in class distributors in their respective market and offer the highest quality products and technologies supported with application labs and technical service.?

Each brand's focus on absolute customer service and technical know-how, backed by a global network of resources, provides customers and principals with unsurpassed value.


    ADAPCO??is the world’s largest distributor of innovative insecticide products, technology, and equipment to the professional mosquito control industry.

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  • Azelis Americas CASE

    Azelis Americas CASE

    Specialty chemical distributor focused on providing the CASE and urethane markets with technical solutions that can?spur growth for both suppliers and customers.

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  • Chemroy


    Chemroy is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients in Canada.

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  • Construction Solutions

    Construction Solutions is a national business that operates within the CASE market segment providing a full breadth of products, technical support and an application lab dedicated to the construction market.

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  • DeWolf Chemical

    DeWolf provides comprehensive service through the delivery of specialty chemical solutions for the formulation of Personal Care and Home Care & Industrial Cleaning products.

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  • Glenn

    Glenn provides comprehensive service through the delivery of specialty chemical solutions for the formulation of Personal Care and Home Care & Industrial Cleaning products.

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    Marcor is a specialty?ingredient supplier to the Food and Health industry?as well as offering?a full line of?microbiology media ingredients.

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  • Monson

    Monson offers one of the most comprehensive lubricants, metalworking and grease portfolio and technical support in North America.

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  • Red River Specialties

    Red River Specialties is one of the nation’s leading distributors of specialty products for Industrial Vegetation Management/Aquatics, Range and Pasturelands/Noxious Weeds and Forest Land Management.

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  • Ross Organic

    Ross Organic is a leader in the sales of eco-friendly, natural, mild and value-added specialty ingredients for the cosmetic, personal care and home care industries.

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